Vision/Hearing Impairment

Persons living with dementia usually experience impairments related to hearing and vision. As the brain deteriorates, the ability to process visual and auditory information usually declines. Vision loss and other chronic conditions in the elderly can increase the risk of falls. You can find more information about age-related vision problems and hearing loss in the elderly from these NIH references.

Sensory impairment often affects the way your loved one performs his or her daily routine. Home and activity modifications can help maximize overall independence and may decrease behavioral episodes. Speak with your doctor and ask if an occupational therapy or speech/language pathology referral might help address your loved one’s difficulties. Consider making an appointment with an audiologist if you have concerns about your hearing or that of your loved one.

There are a variety of testing centers, support organizations, and even faith based programs related to vision and hearing loss. Links to a few of these organizations are listed below.

Vision Impairment:

Hearing Impairment: