Nutrition and Natural Remedies

Maintaining proper nutrition is important for overall health and wellbeing, in particular for the elderly. Loss of taste and smell, depression, and loneliness are common and underappreciated risk factors for decreased food intake, and therefore poor nutrition, in this population. The elderly also may be unable to drive to buy groceries because of vision loss or cognitive impairment. Studies show a strong association between weight loss and poor outcomes in persons with cognitive disorders. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the older population, including those with dementia, have consistent access to an adequate supply of healthy food. You can search for food pantries and other subsidized sources of food through this link.

Food and Nutrition

Natural Remedies

Rather than list individual vendors of CBD and related products, we have chosen to provide educational and media links about this subject which is relatively new to the Texas medical professionals who care for the elderly.  Because their brain may have greater sensitivity to mind altering substances, you should never provide CBD or THC to a person with dementia without first consulting with their medical provider.