Multidisciplinary Specialty Programs

While the diagnosis and management of symptoms of dementia are usually managed by primary care, sometimes a specialist needs to be consulted.  When uncommon cognitive disorders are suspected or when patients present with unusual symptoms, a referral to a multidisciplinary program for comprehensive diagnostic and management services may be necessary.  

These programs have specialists from more than one discipline dedicated to the care of patients with memory disorders.  There are usually physicians of different specialties (such as neurology and psychiatry), and may also include advanced practice providers, neuropsychologists, and speech therapists.  They may have social workers or case managers to help navigate complex non-medical issues.  These programs often require primary care physicians to submit referrals before appointments can be scheduled.  Oftentimes, care is transferred back to primary care once the specialist services are no longer necessary.

Organizations with Multidisciplinary Services for Persons with Memory Disorders

Behavioral NeurologyGeriatric PsychiatryNeuro- PsychologySocial WorkSpeech TherapyClinical Drug Trials
UT Health Austinxxxx
Senior Adults Specialty Healthcarexxxx
Baylor Scott & Whitexxxx
Seton Mind Institutexx